The publisher and author intend to use social media in a limited manner, as they determine. There are many issues of concern regarding social media becoming increasingly evident. At the same time, readers using social media to spread the word about the importance of buying and reading the novel and the significance of the issues involved can be a positive action. We suggest linking such communications to this website,

The publisher and author do not intend to tour or promote the book in many ways often done, both to maintain personal boundaries and to emphasize the focus on the novel itself. Other authors of well-known successful books have taken these positions—and that marketing the book, not the author, is paramount. Little Girl Leaving speaks for itself. The publisher and author will determine how at any point they can best contribute to letting it speak.



Thank you for your interest in contacting us. The publisher and author look forward to responding to contact requests. We cannot guarantee a response to all requests and will do so in our sole discretion. Any inappropriate communication will result in the source being blocked in the future.

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